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YAYOG Day 4 and lazy meals

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fayetteville, NC

My pepper seeds are sprouting! My pepper seeds are sprouting! And my pansy plant has baby buds! And my chocolate mint plant is still alive! Still can’t see any progress on the herbs, but hopefully something will poke through the soil soon!

YAYOG Day 4 – Legs/Core

Today’s workout felt great, for the most part. The side lunges were a little awkward because the stance is wider than I’m used to, but I hear it gets easier, and the side crunches just felt awkward in general, but I’m going to chalk that up, at least in part, to my general dislike of crunches. Once I master the extra wide stance on the side lunges, I think they’re going to be amazing. Most of the ones I did today were stationary – I stayed in the wide stance instead of returning to the starting position after each rep – because getting into and out of the wide stance made me come very close to falling flat on my face a few times. Will definitely be working on that. The 1L RDLs felt amazing today, but I seemed to be having some issues with balance today. I’m expecting my hamstrings to protest getting out of bed in the morning. The squats – oh lord the squats. Today’s squats came with the instructions to pause for 1-3 seconds at the bottom. So I did. A full 3 seconds on each rep. So much pain, but damn they felt good. As for the side crunches, I think next week I’ll replace them with something else, because they really did just feel awkward. I felt like I should’ve been doing either full fledged oblique crunches or bicycles instead of the hybrid version that the book calls for. No matter though. I’ll change it up a little and it will still be good. Tomorrow starts week 2 of this journey into body weight, and I’m ready for it.


Today was not the best day, food wise. Breakfast was a chocolate chip muffin. You know, the kind you buy in a 4-pack at the grocery store? Yeah….I forgot I bought them yesterday, but there they were this morning, sitting on the counter just waiting to be devoured. After breakfast I had to go on post to do laundry because my dryer is still out. While I was waiting for it to finish, I walked over to starbucks. Grande white chocolate mocha with an extra shot. On the plus side, after the laundry was done I went to the commissary and everything that I bought is healthy. I have fresh fruit and veggies, a couple of chicken breasts, a salmon fillet, and peanuts to make another batch of boiled peanuts with. I got home and did my workout, then followed it with a banana. A few hours and a couple glasses of juice later, I had a handful of strawberries, then decided it was dinner time and I didn’t feel like cooking. Cue beanie weenies.


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New Gear and Unnecessary Sweets

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fayetteville, NC

Today, I ordered a pull up bar. Unfortunately, there’s not enough room to the sides of any of my doors to get one of the over-the-doorframe varieties, so I’m going to test out a tension bar. I ordered a cheap one, so I’m not expecting greatness, but I want to see if a tension bar will actually stay up before I invest too much in a good one. Also, I finally bought a jump rope! I’m excited to start incorporating that into my new body weight routine. Maybe on leg days? Or perhaps on an in-between day. I’m also going to start stretching a lot more. All of my non-YAYOG days are going to focus on stretching for at least 10 minutes, though 20 is the goal. I’ll be following the guidance of Viperid on Fitocracy. He posted up a blog about some of the stretches that he does for flexibility: How to Become Flexible: A Practical Guide. So, I’m excited. Pull up bar should be here by Wednesday or Thursday, so I can start working on my pathetic lack of pull strength, and I finally have a comprehensive guide by a trustworthy source on stretches for flexibility. This should keep me very occupied for the next week and a half while I’m anxiously awaiting the long weekend where I finally get to go home and see my mom for the first time since I’ve been home from this deployment. I’ll also get to see my little brother, my sister, her mom, my grandparents and my best guy friend. And did I mention it’s Florida? Because that means some beach time! And then, I drive home on Monday and pick up my soldier from the airport! I’m so excited! Wanna make bets on when I start getting the excited jitters? Oh wait…I was talking about fitness gear…talk about going off on a tangent…So anyway – new fitness gear. If the pull up bar is a success I may look into getting some straps so I can do some TRX suspension training, ’cause that just looks fun.


Oh boy…I should have known it was going to be a rough day when I started the morning by finishing off that damn bag of Whoppers…granted, I followed it up with eggs and toast, and some delicious coffee, but the whoppers were still the start of it all…Lunch was good. I’m proud of lunch. It was a sandwich. Turkey, smoked gouda, and granny smith apple slices. Oh. My. God. The gouda and apple combination was….amazing. It’s like they were meant to be paired together. I will definitely be doing that again. Tomorrow, if I remember to pick up more apples…and gouda…So then I was good until I decided to go to Wal-Mart to look at pull up bars. While I was in there I ended up remembering a few other things that I wanted to get, so between that and spending entirely too much time in the fitness aisle, I was there longer than I had intended. Which meant I got hungry. In my defense, most of what I got is actually healthy. Yogurt, juice and the like. But then I saw the frozen dinner aisle. More specifically, Stouffers Manicotti. Now, manicotti is one of my all time favorite meals. And it was delicious. Not as good as home-made, but it served its purpose, and it wasn’t the least healthy option. At least it wasn’t a TV dinner. What I REALLY didn’t need to get though, were the Mounds ice cream bars and the pack of York peppermint patties. I’ve had one ice cream bar, and actually forgot about the Yorks until I just mentioned them. Crap. Will now do everything that I can to stay away from them. I’m going to the commissary tomorrow for actual grocery shopping, so the fridge will be restocked with fruits and veggies, and I can start up another batch of boiled peanuts, because they turned out SO well last time. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to stay away from the sweets….

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