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Friday, 23 March 2012

Fayetteville, NC

YAYOG Day 3 – Push/Pull

I’ll admit that when I saw day three was exactly the same as day one, I lost a little bit of motivation. My wrists hurt so bad after day one that I was kind of scared to attempt the same thing again. But I did. With a high rate of success. I did my incline push ups on folding chairs instead of my gorilla box, and I think that made a big difference for my wrists. The padding on the seat isn’t as slippery as the plastic on the box, so I was able to have my hands flat instead of gripping the edge, but the height was still low enough that it was a challenge. Let Me Ins were a little bit easier, but my hands were still in a great amount of pain by the end. A buddy on Fitocracy suggested I use a towel to hold onto instead of the actual doorknobs (because I’m not smart enough to take the suggestion straight from the book…) so I might give that a try next time. Good news is that I was actually feeling my muscles work on these today. Dips still hurt my wrists, which I really don’t understand. The height of the folding chairs is the same height as the benches that I did them on in the gym in Kuwait, and I never had this problem there. Maybe it’s just a result of not working out for a few weeks and then suddenly jumping back into it? I don’t want to stop doing dips, because I love them, but if this pain keeps up I won’t have a choice. I surprised myself with the Let Me Ups today. Better form (still not perfect, but I’m working on it) and more reps. And they felt amazing. By the time my timer went off, I could barely lift my arms to grab the edge of the desk. I’m looking forward to being sore tomorrow.


Breakfast was a large grapefruit and a cup of coffee again. I didn’t want to get back in the habit of drinking coffee everyday, but I love it so much. Is it really so bad if I’m drinking it because I love it and not because I need it? Maybe I should switch to decaf to emphasize that point… Lunch was two Nathan’s hotdogs and a big scoop of sauerkraut. I know hotdogs aren’t the healthiest things, but they’re quick and easy and I was in a rush. Got home from running errands, did my workout, and dinner consisted of an apple, a banana, and a handful of raspberries. ‘Twas quite delicious, and I succeeded in not touching the open bag of Whoppers Robin Eggs.

Upcoming additions to this lovely training log: Action shots of workouts, links to Fitocracy so you can see the workout in all it’s point gaining glory, links to other relevant things perhaps, pictures of food, and recipes when I really start cooking again. Other things you’d like to see? Let me know.


23 March 2012 - Posted by | Health + Fitness

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