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It’s all in the details

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg, NC

Surprisingly not sore today. Legs and lower back have been a bit stiff and needed some thorough stretching, but no deep reaching soreness like what followed my first push/pull day.


Today wasn’t really a training day, but with the amount of physical labor I did today, it might as well have been. I got tasked for the detail to set up and clean up for a corps retirement ceremony today. Which meant, setting up tents, chairs, podiums, flags, refreshments, blockades, etc, and then taking them all back down again, all in 80-degree, sunny weather. I have bruises all over my body from being hit with tent poles or flying debris (gotta love those leaf blowers), tripping over this that and the other, carrying too many chairs in exactly the same position, etc. I carried so many chairs today I feel like they should count as dumbbell shrugs! But it was good. The ceremony went off without a hitch, everything looked great and ran smoothly and aside from a few minor bumps and bruises, no one got hurt. It was fun, and I can definitely say that working out steadily and gaining some significant muscle makes being on details like this a lot more fun. I actually enjoyed the physical labor as opposed to sitting in the office all day. That’s something that I couldn’t have said before I deployed. I used to hate details, but I may actually find myself volunteering for them now. Within reason, of course.



Today has been full of healthy food, though given how much I was working, I probably didn’t eat enough. Breakfast was three fried eggs sprinkled with crushed red pepper and two pieces of toast. Lunch I’ll admit was nothing more than an apple. Dinner is actually still in the oven, but I’m hoping it’s as delicious as it looked when I was making it. A chicken breast on a bed of spinach, surrounded by onion chunks, carrots, tomato and garlic with some spices thrown in on top, wrapped in foil and stuck in the oven. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Edit: It was delicious. Carrots need to be cooked separately and longer so they actually get soft, but it was definitely good.


22 March 2012 - Posted by | Health + Fitness, This Army life is crazy

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