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Awesome stuff #1

That post-workout high that lasts anywhere from thirty minutes to five hours.

You know the one I’m talking about.
– You just PRed a power lift and
– Ran a 5k under your goal time
Or hell, maybe you just finished! You don’t have to make a new personal best for it to be a good workout, though there is an extra shot of adrenaline for that!

But it doesn’t really matter what you did. Whether you’re new to working out or an experienced vet, you know what I’m talking about.

You finish your workout, wipe the rivulets of sweat from your face and neck with the borrowed gym towel and walk out the door. Your muscles may be shaking from the recent exertion, but you stand a little straighter, carry yourself a little more confidently and move with a purpose. Your blood is still pumping and you almost feel like running because walking is just too damn slow. Almost feel like running. Hell, you might give in and run. Kudos to you if you do. Either way, you’re hyped up and, quite possibly, ravenous.

If your workout is at the end of the day and you find yourself at home afterwards, those chores you never really feel like doing, finally get done because you don’t want to sit still yet. If your workout is before work or during the work day, you’re more productive because your brain is being super-powered. And, if you have a desk job or similar, you’re likely rather fidgety.

You’ll likely be asked how much coffee/soda you’ve had. Perhaps get some strange looks. Maybe even a tranquilizer.

But god it feels good and when it wears off, you’re just itching to get it back.


27 November 2011 - Posted by | Awesome Stuff, Health + Fitness

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